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Acupuncture for children and the elderly?

 The question is often asked -Is acupuncture good for all age groups?    The answer is yes it is suitable for children right through to the elderly.  Children need very little treatment usually and the needles are extremely thin and small.  In this style of acupuncture the fewer needles the better as a rule – choosing the right points is the key to success.

Acupuncture and IVF

I was pleased to read that a world renowned university has discovered what I already observed in practice: that acupuncture improves success rate with patients who are on IVF.   Tel Aviv University researchers discover that Traditional Chinese medicine makes fertility treatments far more effective.


Its official: Acupuncture reduces the cost of back pain to health services.

Well in Canada anyway!   A study showed that there was a 49% drop in visits to physicians in those who had their back pain treated by Acupuncture. One day health managers will realise how much we save them in all sorts of areas!  Keep telling your GP what acupuncture does for you……