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What is Acupuncture used for?

Acupuncture helps in many ways

Acupuncture helps in many ways

  • Acupuncture aims to keep you in balance with the seasons and thus allow you to deal with events life throws at you more easily
  • Acupuncture treatment can support you in times of ill health easing anxiety and stress, making you more positive and relaxed.
  • Acupuncture helps your body adjust under stress and eases symptoms such as pain
  • Acupuncture helps restore natural rhythms such as women’s cycles and can help with fertility and pregnancy
  • Acupuncture supports you with life’s challenges  such as quitting smoking
  • Acupuncture helps achieve maximum balance in your systems and therefore helps you to cope better with surgery
  • If you have a specific symptom or condition and would like to know if acupuncture can help please  email me with a question, phone me on 01926 8538282  or book a free chat to discuss your needs.

A national survey found that most patients attend acupuncture for:

Muscular / skeletal problems
Feeling anxious / stressed
Asthma / breathing difficulty
Sinus problems
Digestive problems
General well-being
Headache / Migraine
Menstrual problems / infertility
General weakness / tiredness/ feeling ill
High blood pressure

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