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Pain relief

Acupuncture is often associated with pain relief more than with other conditions by the public and by western heath practitioners.  More clinical trials have been carried out on the use of Acupuncture for pain than for other conditions.   Pain such as:

Headache and migraine     Chronic pain          Neck pain        Joint pain      Dental pain     Post-operative pain

and in some areas patients can get a limited access to acupuncture on the NHS for pain relief or control of chronic pain.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) provides guidelines to the NHS on use of treatments and care of patients. Currently, NICE recommends that acupuncture is considered as a treatment option for tension headaches

‘NHS choices’ at states that acupuncture is often used to treat Headache and migraine, Chronic pain, including neck and back pain, Joint pain, Dental pain, Post-operative pain. (further information on the evidence for the use of acupuncture in these conditions, can be found at this  website under ‘evidence’).

The Traditional Acupuncture viewpoint:

While asking about your western diagnosis and about tests and treatments you may have had I will be making a traditional diagnosis about your pain and hoping to get to the cause of it rather to just manage it, this will depend on the severity of the problem of course.  Recovery time is likely to be longer for problems that have been around for a long time as your body will need time to adjust.   Our traditional approach is to ask about such things as the flow of Qi in the Meridian pathways, the general condition of your vital energy or Qi, the specific condition of structures such as muscles, ligaments, bones and blood and your overall health and constitution. Treatment could be general, local to the pain or most likely both.  No one patient is exactly the same as the next. Life style changes might be discussed too.   Treatment could consist simply of  acupuncture or be combined with other related treatments such as gua sha, cupping or moxa. This would be discussed and agreed on.  Reflexology is also an option for those who prefer itanother therapy which comes from ancient eastern traditions and believes that disturbance in vital energy or qi is at the root of pain.

In most case acupuncture will be used alongside treatment prescribed by your doctor.