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Quit Smoking

How does acupuncture help?

Acupunture to help stop smoking

Acupunture to help stop smoking

  • Initial de-tox and balancing gives you a good start
  • Individual approach means you get support for issues as they arise during the quitting process
  • Specific points help withdrawal symptoms from your Liver and cravings from your Lungs (Chinese viewpoint)
  • It calms you down
  • It often makes cigarettes taste bad

For help to quite smoking, you’ll need a minimum of four sessions @ £100 (some people may need  more).

Quit Smoking Sessions:

First session:
A ‘de-tox’  &  balancing of energy

Sessions 2,3 &  4 :
Ongoing energy balancing, withdrawal & craving support, ear acupuncture, & ear seeds

Book your four sessions over two weeks  (that’s twice a week) if quitting all at once.  Book once a week for a month if quitting gradually.

Other tips for quitting

Before quitting:

  • Decide why you want to give up.  e.g. more cash to spend or better health and focus on this
  • Start to change your smoking routine
  • Find a friend to quit with you and tell everyone

While quitting:

  • Reward yourself in different ways & do different things
  • Don’t get discouraged if you slip up
  • Try to keep alcohol to a minimum as the two often go together
  • Eat more fruit which makes cigarettes taste worse

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