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I began my acupuncture treatments with Coral in October 2007 when I began having unbelievable hot flushes and profuse sweating and my G.P later diagnosed that I was going through a fairly early menopause. I was having all the symptoms very quickly and fiercely and also suffered with depression. After some fairly lengthy sessions of acupuncture, they then evened out to one treatment a month. At my worse I was taking 40mg of antidepressants a day and with Coral’s help have reduced this to 20mg every other day over a period of 18 months. I feel that I am well on the road to recovery and my hot flushes are still there occasionally but are now manageable.

Thank you Coral!

Nicki, age 46

I started treatment with Coral a few years ago and have found her to be very personable and sympathetic with a great understanding of health issues and how they may be treated by acupuncture.
My primary reason for visiting Coral was and still is to help with my on going struggle with manic depression and associated problems. I was  diagnosed in 1989 and told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to accept this and tried in vain to manage without medication several times with out success. However, with Coral’s help i have been able to limit the amount of medication I have to take to a very small dose, a lot less than the recommended daily dosage. The acupuncture i have received from coral has helped me through some very difficult times and I greatly recommend giving her treatment a try.

Penage 48

Coral has been regularly treating me for a variety of ailments during the last five years, including arthritis. As a retired academic, I’m very much “in my head” and sometimes unaware of the messages that my body and emotions are sending me, resulting in blockages of which I’m totally oblivious. Through her own unique expertise, which is utilised in a short initial counselling session, Coral has the ability to recognise and release through acupuncture the hidden emotions and concerns which affect my state of mind and therefore my health and energy levels. I inevitably go away from an appointment feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in both mind and body. As a result, Coral has become an integral part of my life as an admirable mentor and an amazing healer and I would thoroughly recommend her practise.

Jill,  age 63

I decided to book an appointment with Coral as, like many others, I have suffered with depression for many years now and needed to find an alternative way of managing it without the aid of medication.

Having a positive outlook day-to-day, as well as being able to relax, were things that I struggled with immensely. I started my acupuncture treatment with Coral in June of last year (2010) and straight after the initial session I noticed a definite change in the way I felt. As my treatments with Coral have continued, so has my personal progression. I feel so much more relaxed and am able to carry out the majority of my days without the great sense of urgency that I once felt. At the other end of the spectrum the treatment has also given me a lot more energy. This, in turn, has made it far easier for me to stay generally positive as my physical state is strong enough to help me along rather than keep me back.

I really am very glad that I made the decision to see Coral, she has helped me in so many ways and I would strongly recommend her to anyone. You will never know what could help you if you don’t give anything a try.

Thanks so much Coral

Name withheld, age 26

Dear Coral

I have finally got around to writing you the reference you asked for concerning Acupuncture.  I am very pleased to say that my many treatments over the years have helped me deal with the stresses and strains of life. Ongoing problems such as chronic catarrh have also been helped by acupuncture.  As a person who has always had a fear of ‘needles’ it took me a while to pluck up the courage to try acupuncture and I am very glad that I did. I have received great benefit from it.

Thank you Coral for all the treatments and I look forward to the next one on Saturday.

Paul Bennett (Surrey) (58)