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What To Expect

Acupuncture, a natural healing art

One of the tests to diagnose the balance of qi - a part of the treatment that patients tend to enjoy.

One of the tests to diagnose the balance of qi - a part of the treatment that patients tend to enjoy.

Traditional Acupuncture is a gentle, natural therapy, which encourages your body to heal itself, as far as nature will allow. When you get symptoms such as pain, tiredness or anxiety, your body is sending out distress signals.  It is saying that there is an imbalance in your vital energy or Qi.

As your Acupuncturist I will be actively seeking the underlying cause of this imbalance.
The side effect of treatment is to help you feel better in a general way, promoting an improved quality of life.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Your first appointment will include  a ‘Traditional Diagnosis’.  This may take up to 1 ½ hours as it is important to get to the bottom of your problem.

Asking a lot of questions, taking your pulse and looking at your tongue are just some of the ways I will determine what needs to be done to balance your Qi.

Treatment is by the insertion of extremely fine needles into points of energy.  You may also need Moxa (the application of warmth) over the points of energy.

On the day of treatment it is best to keep off alcohol and to eat lightly before and after treatment. To maximise the benefit of your Acupuncture it is best to take it a little easy just before treatment and for a few hours afterwards.

Responses to treatment

Every one is different and the response to treatment varies. Often the first thing to improve is general  well being and health.

Some people will feel revitalised mentally or physically quite soon, while others notice subtle changes in retrospect.  The length of time you have had the problem and the nature of the problem will help me assess how quickly you might improve.

All acupuncturists also have a knowledge of Western Medicine and will advise you to see your doctor if necessary.

Number and frequency of treatments

To start with you will need treatment once a week and as soon as there is some improvement your treatments can be spaced out.   Some people only need a few treatments and others require extensive treatment to support them in an ongoing medical or emotional problem.